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Too weird to live
Too young to die

This is the world’s best rosé wine, I Am Rosé. It is a rosé wine crafted and designed for a generation of casual drinkers who care little for “7 signs he’s not right for you” articles, the Kardashians or “staying in”-nights.

This is a product for the mavericks, for the too-drunk-to-care generation of life lovers, who stand united against shitty television and boring Tinder dates. This is a product for the last true crusaders of madness, the celebrators of endless raging nights - and your best friend’s hot soccer mom.

We’ve come to rescue you from a life of eternal internet boredom and meaningless sobriety. We’ve come to reignite the kid inside of you, who believed that skinny-dipping in your neighbors pool at 3 a.m. on a monday night was more important than eating non processed vegan food and drinking soy milk latte with your pregnant besties.

This is not your average love story. We’ve crafted I Am Rosé with the kind of crazy love that will make your sister beat your boyfriend in an elevator and make you get a face tattoo with the misspelled name of a one-night stand at 6 in the morning.

We’re here to make you remember what life is all about.

We will teach you how to love again.




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